Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MP2 / Crystal Reports / Barcoding Basics Training - This Jan/Feb! (Chicago, IL & San Diego, CA)

Join us this January and February in Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA for the following training classes:

  • MP2: Learn how to save your plant time and money by unleashing the power of MP2.
  • Crystal Reports: Learn how to design, manage, and deliver winning reports. 
  • Barcoding Basics:  Learn what it takes to successfully implement barcoding at your plant.

Week 1
      MP2 Various (4 days: 1/17/2011 – 1/20/2011)
            Day 1:      Barcoding Basics 
            Days 2-3:   MP2 System Administrator 
            Day 4:      MP2 Top Management Briefing
Week 2
      MP2 Advanced with Crystal Reports (5 days: 2/7/2011 - 2/11/2011)
            Days 1-2:   MP2 Advanced Features 
            Days 3-5:   Crystal Reports       
Week 3
      MP2 Basics (5 days: 2/14/2011 - 2/18/2011)
            Days 1-3:   Navigation with Work Order / Task Mgt
            Days 4-5:   Parts Management

Week 1
    MP2 Basics (5 days: 1/24/2011 - 1/28/2011)
            Day 1:      Navigating MP2
            Days 2-3:   Work Order/Task Management
            Days 4-5:   Parts Management
Week 2
      MP2 Advanced with Crystal Reports (5 days: 2/14/2011 - 2/18/2011)
            Days 1-2:   MP2 Advanced Features 
            Days 3-5:   Crystal Reports 

Offsite training costs are $495/day/attendee.  To register online, select a location below:

If you cannot make it in time for January’s/February's training, offsite training classes are held quarterly (next classes will be held in April/May).  Onsite and online training is available at anytime and may be scheduled at your convenience.

Contact us today for class agendas or for more information!

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