Monday, October 11, 2010

CMMS Data Group Announces Plug & Play Lube Storage Rooms with MP2 Integration!


The Issue
Most petroleum-based lubricants stored in ambient-controlled conditions (not suffering temperature swings) last for 30 years. However, most lubricants are not stored in ambient-controlled conditions: temperature swings allow moisture, foreign material, and other contaminants to enter the storage containers, resulting in reduced lube life and lubrication effectiveness. The end result: shortened equipment life, even failures.

Properly storing lubricants, and lube equipment, can greatly extend their life and effectiveness. However, finding an area in the plant that is isolated, free of contamination, and temperature- and humidity-controlled can be extremely difficult. If such a project is undertaken, it is either cost-prohibitive or impossible to even find the space within the facility.

The Solution
Plug & Play Lube Storage Rooms offer a mobile lube storage room delivered to your plant. Select a space in your plant, inside or outside, supply the power, and presto, you have a state-of-the-art lube storage room. The rooms are insulated, climate-controlled, heated, air conditioned, and even de-humidified in some geographic areas.

CMMS Users
Integrate lube consumption directly to MVP Plant & MP2.

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