Thursday, July 22, 2010

MVP Capture Wireless, CMMS Data Group's Flagship Barcode Solution, Available for MP2!

MVP Capture is a barcode solution that uses barcode scanners to track complete and accurate maintenance data (work, parts, labor, comments, downtime, etc.) and uploads this information to MP2 paperlessly and wirelessly. Equipment, parts, work orders, etc. are all identified with a barcode. Maintenance technicians and inventory personnel simply scan the barcode they need to enter, eliminating all data collection and entry errors while saving a tremendous amount of time.

Current MVP Capture customers not only save time and money with regard to data processing, they also find that response times have dramatically improved (5 minutes down to 15 seconds) and Maintenance and Facilities workers get more work done because they don’t have to walk back and forth to the shop unnecessarily to get new job assignments…work orders are simply transmitted and updated wirelessly.

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