Monday, February 8, 2010

Share MP2 Inventory & Equipment Task Data via the Web with Inventory Web Query (IWQ)!

Via your Intranet or the Internet, IWQ provides a quick, easy, and affordable way to share MP2 inventory AND equipment task data within your plant, as well as with sister plants, even if the plants are NOT currently connected via MP2 6.0/1 Enterprise. With IWQ, there is no need to buy additional MP2 seats only to give users access to search for parts, spare parts lists, and equipment tasks. From anywhere in the world, IWQ:

-Allows parts to be found using multiple search criteria, not only a single field like MP2.
-Displays part details on one page, not multiple tabs like MP2.
-Enables users to search for spare parts lists by equipment.
-Allows plants to share equipment task data.

IWQ is easy to use and saves time and money!

A quick, guided online demo of IWQ is available and can be scheduled at your convenience.

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