Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Online, Guided, Live MP2 Training Announced!

Each training session is 2-hours long, guided with a live instructor, and can be scheduled anytime between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST. The maximum no. of training sessions that can be scheduled per day is 2. The instructor will walk you through the topics that you would like covered, show you tips and tricks, and answer any questions that you may have. From there, users can use and practice what they learned. If additional training is desired, it can be scheduled at your convenience. Just in case you would like to show the instructor something in your MP2 for review or critique , the instructor also has the ability to connect to your computer, too.

Select topics from the following classes:

-MP2 Basics
(Navigation, Work Orders, Tasks, Parts, Purchasing, Reports & Graphs)

-MP2 Advanced
(Security, Utilities, Labor, Equipment, Work Orders, Inventory, Tasks, Scheduling, Statistical Predictive Maintenance, Purchasing, Reports & Graphs)

-MP2 Planning & Scheduling
(Work Orders, Tasks, Work Order Generation, Planning, Scheduling, Reports & Graphs)

-MP2 System Administration
(Installation, Planning, Data Collection, Implementation Strategies, Numbering Standards, Security, Backups, Barcoding, Setup, Utilities, Reports & Graphs)

-Crystal Reports
(Basics, Simple Reports, Objects, Planning, Options, Organization, Special Fields, Database Links, Toolbars, Record Selection, Section Formatting, Charts & Graphs, Running Totals, Subreports, Formulas, Conditional Formatting, Parameters, Editing)

-Barcoding Basics
(Barcodes, Printers, MP2 Setup, MP2 Labels, Handheld Devices, Data Collection)

-Computer Basics
(Hardware, Using the Keyboard, Using the Mouse, Email, Internet, FTP & Firewalls, Default Settings, Acronym City, Screenshots, Microsoft Toolbars, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel)

Upon request, detailed training agendas will be sent. Customize the agendas as you see fit and CMMS data group will train you and your team on the desired topics via online meeting software.

Online training starts in 2009. Contact CMMS data group today for pricing, agendas, or to schedule online training!

CMMS data group
25 E. Washington Street, Suite 1465
Chicago, Illinois 60602 U.S.A.

P: 312.863.6500

Monday, December 1, 2008

Crystal Reports and MP2 Advanced Training, New Class Starts January 2009!

Based on popular demand, CMMS data group is pleased to announce 2 new class offerings! MP2 Advanced with Crystal Reports has been broken up into 2 full weeks (Week 1: MP2 Advanced, Week 2: Crystal Reports) allowing users to get the most out of training. The new Crystal Report class applies to all users, regardless of the CMMS they use.

CMMS data group
25 E. Washington Street,
Suite 1465Chicago,
Illinois 60602 U.S.A.

P: 312.863.6500